Monday, October 19, 2009

One year ago...

at this hr, he came by to see me and we got together. A moment of my life that I would never forget.

Happy one year anniversary to us, baby. I love u deeply.

Monday, October 5, 2009


I dare to say out loud, I love Goh Peck Hong!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A visit to baby's workplace

Just a quick introduction, LOL, my boyfriend is working @ the navy situated at Tuas. He signed on to the navy, so he is a navy regualr. Once a while he will sail then come back. Each time can last a day to few weeks. Well, he sail and I fly. Cool match right? LOL

Baby's mum and I were invited to visit his ship as it was their so called "family day". Pretty excited cos I was really curious how his working environment is like.

Anw, this is the ship baby works at, vigilance.


Baby and his mom

Great exprience though;

Soon baby will be very very busy with his work. He would not be around and most of the time I wouldnt be around. Yet, many events coming up, our 1 year anniversary, his birthday, my birthday. but its ok.

We are happy together :)

Friday, September 25, 2009


Wun forget to show what I bought in san francisco. Forever 21 is crazy!

Back to seoul.

We had bbq bulgogi @ bulgogi brothers! YUMMT!

And then I stocked up my mask and cosmetics!


Lastly, for my baby.

My luggage was that full when I fly back to sg. :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Hello peeps, here comes my update on my stay in San Francisco! oh my, I know it is super outdated. But.. I have been reeeeeeeeally busy to that extent I abandoned my blog again! SORRY.

The next day after we had cheesecake factory, we decided to eat our breakfast at this place that is famous for pancakes.

Saw the queue? -_-"

Pictures before the food comes...

Here comes our breakfast!


Next, as we planned, we rented bicyles at the fisherman's wharf and rode to the Golden Gate bridge! I would consider the weather's gd. Bright and sunny yet windy.
My 1st time to fisherman's wharf. So happy!

The bike rental

On the bike, ready to go! Seriously I haven been cycling for ages. At the start I was a bit shakey. LOL..

Then we moved on to our destination: THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE

So near yet so far

There we stopped again to take more pictures.

See wat's JP and mei mei doing while i posing.

Yeah, group photo.

k, the picture looks fake here. Cos I did adjusted the lighting so to see my face clearer. but I swear the background is real!


Towards the end of the ride...

But still its worthwhile to do it once in a lifetime.

After the ride, we were so tired and i ate the Best clam chowder soup I ever had.

Back to fisherman's wharf, we see the seals lying so lazily under the hot sun.

The aftermath is I got sunburnt!!!!

More to come.. Be patient :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Warning: this entry gonna be very mushy. Cos it is written for him.

Sorry again for getting upset over small little things. Im just a little girl who never feels contented. YOu are so sweet from the start and you are still the same. You are completely so nice to me and Im still asking more. Whatever you do for me, I really see and feel it. You did so much that I take you for granted. Each time after we quarrel, I realised I cannot do without you. Each time I false a breakup, I started missing you. I ever imagined life without you, it would be a total nightmare. I am so used to having you, I have already confirmed that you are the one.

I know its too early. but as long you say it am willing to spend the rest of my life with you. And I know that you will never make me regret.

you told me you love me a lot a lot that you must make me your laopo.
Im waiting...


Dunno if you guys remember, I ever mentioned, if you ever visit states, you must Must MUST eat at cheesecake factory. The portion is big, the food is nice, the cheesecake SUPER YUMMY!

The day after we arrive in incheon, soon we flew off to San francisco. Despite feel so tired after the flight, the few of us still insist on eating the cheesecake factory after touch down.

Jp, Carolyn, me and Meimei